KRG Internship Programme                                                                                                                      پڕۆگرامی ڕاهێنانی تواناکان لە هەرێمی کوردستان
An internship is a form of experiential learning that integrates knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. Internships give students the opportunity to gain valuable applied experience and make connections in the professional fields they are considering for career paths and give employers the opportunity to guide and evaluate talent.
بە کوردی
پڕۆگرامی ڕاهێنانی تواناکان شێوەیەکە لە شێوەکانی بەدەست هێنانی شارەزایی، کە زانست و زانیاری بە شێوەیەکی تیۆری و لەگەڵ پڕاکتیزە کردنی پڕاکتیکی و  گەشە پێدانی بەهرەکان لە ژینگەیەکی پڕۆفیشناڵدا لە خۆ دەگرێ. ڕاهێنانەکان هەل دەرەخسێنێ بۆ  فێرخوازان بۆ بەدەست هێنانی کارامەیی و دروست کردنی پەیوەندی لە بوارە پرۆفیشناڵەکاندا بۆ دۆزینەوەی کار و ئەمەش هەلی هەڵسەنگاندن و ڕێگە نیشاندان دەرەخسێنێ بە خاوەن کارەکان.

Extra Internship Vacancies

posted May 24, 2016, 1:50 AM by Directorate of Career Services   [ updated May 24, 2016, 12:38 PM by Brosk Frya Ali Zangana ]

The Directorate of Career Services (DCS) at Koya University is pleased to announce a unique opportunity for the 3rd year students:

Extra Internship Vacancies in Erbil/Summer 2016 – Starting July

The High committee of the KRG Internship program has granted Koya University extra Internship Vacancies in the city of Erbil.
Hence, we urge our talented 3rd year students to apply for the available vacancies as soon as possible to get participated in this professional program to discover the practical part of their study area and to have a hand on experiance on their future career. 
The attached list includes the name of vacancies, positions and the applicable majors (the study areas or the students who can apply).
All the Internship placements are during the Summer times, and the candidates must show a good level of knowledge and must be fluent in English language also must select the position that relates to his/her study area (study field).

Note: The High committee of the KRG Internship program, Koya University and DCS are not responsible of any accommodation and transportation during the training, the participated students must know the challenges before to apply.


Complete the application form from the Directorate of Career Services.

Applications close 25th May 2016



Applicable Majors


Technical – 2

IT & Network Administration



Mateen Express

Sales & Marketing – 2

Economic & Finance, English & Marketing

Call Center – 1

English & IT

Customer Service – 2

English, IT, Finance & Economics








ITN – Planning – 2

Communication & Electrical Engineering

ITN – PMO – 2

Electrical & Telecommunication

ITN – RAN – 2


ITW – IT – 2

IT, Telecommunication & Power

ITN – IIR – 1

Communication/Software/Electrical Engineering

Marketing & Administration – 2

Business Administration/Marketing

ITN – Core Operation – 2


ITN – Power – 4

Electrical Engineering

ITN – Qos Operation – 2


Sales/Accounts – 2


Administration – 2

Business Administration/Management


Technician – 3


Accountant – 1





Coca Cola

Production Engineer – 2

Engineering/Mechanical Dept

Q.A Technician – 2


Electrician Technician – 2


Financial Analyst – 1


BT Analyst – 1

Computer Engineering



Zheen Hospital

Midwife – 1


Nurses – 3


Resident Doctor – 1


Reception – 2






Transport Media Operation – 1

Communication Engineering

Administration – 1


Customer Service – 2

Business Administration, Economics & Computer Science

IT & GSM Network – 1

Computer Engineering

Systems – 1

Communication & Computer Engineering

Operations – 1

Electric Engineering

Radio Frequency Optimisation – 1

Communication Engineering

Corporate B2B – 2

Business/Computer & Language: Arabic/English

Infrastructure – 1

Civil Engineering

KRG Internship Program 2016

posted Apr 28, 2016, 3:02 AM by Directorate of Career Services   [ updated May 4, 2016, 10:01 AM ]

The Directorate of Career Services (DCS) at Koya University is pleased to announce the 3rd round of KRG Internship program. Till now our office with coordination with the High Committee of the KRG's Internship Program have secured the following Internship placements for koya university students:

  1. (60) placements at TTOPCO available for (Petroleum and Chemical) Eng.Dept.
  2. (15) placements at Oilserv available for (Petroleum and Chemical) Eng.Dept.
  3. (2) placements at MERI - Erbil available for (English, Economy and History) Dept.
  4. (1) placement at CMC-Private Hospital-Erbil available for (Manufacturing) Dept.
  5. (1) placement at CMC-Private Hospital-Erbil available for (Economy, Administration) Dept.
  6. (1) placement at Energy Logistics company in Erbil available for (Economic / Administration) student.
  7. (2) placements at Kelkan Contracting Limited in Sulaimaniya available for Civil Eng. students.
All the Internship placements are during the Summer times, and the candidates must show a good level of knowledge and must be fluent in English language, also they have to fill the Student Application Form to participate in this program.
Hence, We urge the interested students (3rd year) who are willing to participate in this unique program to attend our Fore-coming Workshop on Wednesday, 4th of May 2016 at the Presidency of Koya University to have better understanding to the terms and conditions of this program.
Please read the attached files are the job descriptions for each placement and try to apply to it accordingly.

بەڕێوبەرایەتی بەکارخستنی زانکۆی کۆیە خۆشحاڵە بە ڕاگەیاندنی خولی سێیەمی پرۆگرامی ڕاهێنانی تواناکان بە سەرپەرشتی حوکمەتی هەرێمی کوردستان. بەرێوەبەرایەتیەکەمان بە هاوکاری ئەنجومەنی باڵای پرۆگرامی ڕاهێنان تا ئێستا توانیومانە چەند کورسیەکی ڕاهێنان تەرخان بکەین، کە ئەمانیش:

(٦٠) کورسی لە TTOBCO تەرخانکراوە بۆ خوێندکارانی ئەندازیاری )نەوت و کیمیا(

(١٥) کورسی لە Oilserv تەرخانکراوە بۆ خوێندکارانی ئەندازیاری )نەوت و کیمیا(

(٢) کورسی لە پەیمانگای مێری (MERI ) لە هەولێر بۆ خوێندکارانی (ئینگلیزی و ئابووری و مێژوو).

(١) کورسی تەرخانکراوە لە نەخۆشخانەی تایبەت (CMC) لە هەولێر بۆ خوێندکارانی بەشی دروستکردن.

(١) کورسی تەرخانکراوە لە نەخۆشخانەی تایبەت (CMC) لە هەولێر بۆ خوێندکارانی بەشی (ئابووری و کارگێری).

(١) کورسی لە کۆمپانیای (energy logistic) لە هەولێر بۆ خوێندکارانی بەشی (کارگێری و دارایی).

(٢) کورسی لە کۆمپانیای (kelkan contracting limited ) لە سلێمانی بۆ خوێندکارانی بەشی ئەندازیاری شارستانی.

 هەموو ڕاهێنانەکان لە وەرزی هاوین ئەنجام ئەدرێن. و کاندیدەکان ئەبێ ئاستێکی زانياريان بەرز بێ و زمانی ئینگلیزیان زۆر باش بێت. وە بۆ بەشداری کردن لەم پڕۆگرامە ئەبێ خوێندکارانی فۆڕمی پێشکاشکردن پر بکەنەوە .

بۆ زیاتر تێگەیشتن لە مەرجەکانی ئەم پڕۆگرامە ، لێرەوە، ئێمە هانی ئەو قوتابیانە (قۆناغی ٣) ئەدەین کە ئارەزوومەندن بەشداری بکەن لەم پڕۆگرامە، بەشداری بکەن لەم ۆرکشۆپەی (workshop) کە بەم زوانە ئەنجام ئەدرێ لە ٤ی مانگی ئایاری ٢٠١٦ لە هۆڵی سەرۆکایەتی زانکۆی کۆیە

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