Field Trip to ETTC and DAAD in Erbil

Opened by the former German Foreign Minister Dr. Frank Walter Steinmeier (President of Germany since 19 March 2017 ) in February 2009, the European Technology and Training Centre (ETTC) organizes activities aimed at:

  • Capacity Building;
  • Humanitarian Aid activities;
  • Promotion of intercultural relations;
  • Environmental care;
  • Good governance;
  • Business Start-up Development;
  • Promoting Employment;
  • Technology Transfer and
  • Return and Reintegration.

Since then, ETTC has trained 1000s of public and private sector employees, IDPs, Returnees and Syrian Refugees. The organization has a main office and training center in Erbil, sub office in Suleimaniyah and focal points in Duhok, Kirkuk and Baghdad.

Dr. Frank Walter Steinmeier (former German Foreign Minister and current President of Germany) at the ETTC opening in February 2009.

As the aspects of fostering the employability and academic career promotion of the fresh graduates are increasingly attracting more attention to Koya University staff and students, on 14 February 2019 Career Development Directorate and in coordination with the Department of Manufacturing Engineering (DMFE) has arranged a field trip to the main office of the ETTC in Erbil. At the beginning the students were divided into two groups (12 each), guided to the main departments of the ETTC separately and have been provided with an insight about the activities and facilities of the ETTC.

With utmost thankfulness, the arrangement of the trip and the program were supported and approved by Mr. Jihad Zero (CEO of the ETTC) and Mr. Karokh Abdullah (Programme Executive of the ETTC).

Part of senior stage students at the DMFE and Mr. Karokh Abdullah (Programme Executive of ETTC) in Erbil

On the other hand, the students were also given a chance to visit the Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst/German Academic Exchange Service information center in Erbil and were warmly welcomed by Ms. Jwan Khalis (Program Coordinator of DAAD). Thankfully, Ms. Khalis has professionally answered the questions of the students, addressed their concerns and provided them and the university with valuable sources of information and brochures about the DAAD program in the region.

Finally, Career Development Directorate is morally obliged to thank Asst. Prof. Dr. Rostam Salam (vice President of Koya University for administrative affairs) for facilitating the transportation of the students and Dr. Zahid Omar (Head of the DMFE) for his supportive proceedings measures.