GIZ-Qandil Job Hunting Training Courses

Career Development Directorate at Koya University has arranges sessions of Job Hunting training courses for 240 senior stage students, alumni of Koya University, youth residents of Koya, Taqtaq, Ashti, Shorsh and Sktan from 23.Sept., to 16. Oct., 2018. The trainees were involved in different activities increasing their chances to get employed. They acquired the essential knowledge about Know to How to write CVs, Cover Letters, Job Application E-Mails and Interviews.

After finishing the Program, they have been invited to a programmed ceremony of graduation and given the certificates of participation. During the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Wali Hamad (Rector of Koya University), Asst. Prof. Dr. Haidar Lashkry (Vice Rector of Koya University for Postgraduate and Scientific Affairs), Asst. Prof. Dr. Rostam Salam (Vice Rector of Koya University for Administrative Affairs) along with representatives of Qandil Organization gave speech to the audience.

Admin Team: Alla Ismael

Photos by: Dilshad Kakarash