Shawin Dlawar Sadraldin

Ms. Shawin Dlawar Sadraldin is an Alumni of Koya University, Department of Physical Education for the Academic Year 2017-2018. Like most of her colleagues, she was finding herself in a situation where Kurdistan Region was hit by deep economic crisis and the Kurdistan Regional Government was not capable of employing university graduates anymore.

After successful participation in the Entrepreneurship Development Program at Koya University, a program that has been implemented by Career Development Directorate and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Shawin obtained the highest rank in the Business Plan Competition phase of Enhancing Youth Employability among Syrian Refugees, Internally Displaced Persons and Host Communities in the District of Koya. She then obtained Financial Assistance from the program to breed 17 Honey Bee Nests along with supplementary materials, and started her own business as the first Honey Bee Female Farmer in Koya District.

While we (the staff of the EDP Trainers) congratulate her for her outstanding efforts and enthusiasm, we believe that through fostering entrepreneurship programs we can obtain more rewarding outcome on one hand, and on the other hand, we encourage more females to join her path and start their own business(es).

Below are some photos depicting Shawin in her daily work routine: