Websites of the UNDP-Funded Startups in Koya District

Under the umbrella of the UNDP/UN-Habitat joint action Headway Programme, Directorate of Career Services at Koya University, with support of Rwanga Foundation in consortium with Erbil Governorate proposed the Entrepreneurship Development Programme, implemented the programme inside Koya University campus between 28. Oct. 2020 – 28. Feb. 2021, and provided financial support for 20 businesses. Headway is intervening in countries affected by the impact of the Syria crisis (Lebanon and Iraq) and funded by the “EU Regional Trust Fund in response to the Syrian crisis, the EU MADAD Fund”.

Directorate of Career Services strives for creative actions. This has been apparent in proposing the design and launching a website for each established startups within the context of the Headway Programme:

  1. Balla Embroidery in Koya:

  2. Halwest for Pickles in Taqtaq:

  3. Ala Real Estate (First female real estate agency in Iraq):

  4. Elin Culture Bactria Lab (First of its kind in Koya, run by a woman):

  5. Seban Furniture (Run by a Syrian Refugee):

  6. Lavan Farm (First Hydroponic Farm for Strawberry in Koya run by a woman):

  7. Alla Medical Lab (Run by a woman):

  8. Lyana Geese Farm (Run by a woman):

  9. Pamo Online (For online shopping run by woman):

  10. Gozabana Sweeties (Run by a woman):

  11. Van Fashion (For online shopping run by a female):

  12. Euro Cosmetics (For online cosmetics run by a female):

  13. Ronahi TV Dishes (Run by a Syrian Refugee):

  14. Oscar Fitness Center (Run by a woman):

  15. Portable Construction Service (Run by a Syrian Refugee):

  16. Hawarga Sheep Cattle Farm (Run by a woman):

  17. Mobile Fastfood Restaurant (Run by a Syrian Refugee):

  18. Sewing Bride Costume Shop (Run by a woman): to be finished soon..

  19. Honeybee Hive House Carpentry (Run by a man): to be finished soon..

  20. Women Dressmaker Shop (Run by a woman): to be finished soon..

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