Graduation Ceremony of the EDP Participants at Koya University

According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) report, in 2016, 30 countries in Development Assistance Committee (DAC) contributed a total of $142.6 billion as financial assistance to poorer countries, with the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and France giving the largest foreign aid.

As the third-largest economy in the world, Japan contributes the fourth-largest Official Development Assistance (ODA) among DAC countries. Though Japan ranked high on the list of total aid volume, its $10.37 billion aid in fiscal year 2016 merely took up 0.2 percent of its Gross National Income (GNI).

Funded by Japan, United Nation's Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)'s project no. 170173, with total budget of $1,592,920, aims to enhance the employability of youth – local, refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) – by introducing entrepreneurship training and business support in Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI). By addressing and realizing the potential of young people, this strategy positively contributes to the development of the KRI, as well as equips refugees and IDPs with relevant skills for their future return.

At industrial, trade and agricultural secondary schools, the project provides soft and life skills training coupled with upgraded competency-based technical training, including the promotion of agro-food processing activities. In addition, the project arranges apprenticeships and on-the-job training with prospective employers, as well as improved technical training and business support in the service industry, which provides 77.3% of employment in KRI. This multifaceted intervention program aims to enhance youth employability of refugees, IDPs and host communities.

One of the facets that the project is concentrating on is the introduction of the Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) via Career Development Directorates at local universities inside KRI. This new but vital approach is in action at Koya University (KOU) since October 07th 2018 after signing a Memoir of Cooperation. According to the articles of the memoir; UNIDO has to train the local university staff to become EDP trainers; KOU has to arrange the recruitment process of the trainees; conduct EDP trainings; arrange and coordinate the events related to the competition among trainees for their business plans and facilitate the mentoring stage of 15 winners who proved to have shown the best and most innovative business ideas so that they commence to receive financial aid of maximum $2000.

On February 18th 2019, 61 trainees who successfully participated in 8 weeks of EDP trainings at Koya University have to show up to receive their certificates of EDP accomplishment. In an environment of positive reflections, the trainees awarded their certificates as per the following programme:

  • Welcome Remark: Prof. Dr. Wali M. Hamad, President, Koya University
  • Keynote Address: Honorable Consul Katsumi Moriyasu, Japanese Consulate in Erbil, KRI
  • Introduction of the Project - Mrs. Jovita Culaton Viray, Chief Technical Adviser, UNIDO
  • Awarding of Certificates
  1. Prof. Dr. Wali M. Hamad
  2. Honorable Consul Katsumi Moriyasu
  3. Mr. Tariq Haydary, Mayor of Koya City
  4. Mrs. Jovita Culaton Viray
  5. Mr. Takuya Ono, First Secretary of the Japanese Consulate in Erbil
  • Awardees

KOU Staff Engaged:

  1. Asst. Prof. Dr. Haidar Lashkry (Vice President of KOU for Scientific and Postgraduate Affairs)
  2. Asst. Prof. Dr. Rostam Salam (Vice President of KOU for Administrative Affairs)
  3. Asst. Prof. Dr. Mohammed H. Zangana (Dean of the Faculty of Engineering)
  4. Asst. Prof. Dr. Shwan Omer Khder (Dean of the Faculty of Humanity and Social Sciences)
  5. Dr. Hawkar Bapeer Bakir (Director of the Directorate of International Relations)
  6. Dr. Luqman Weso (Director of KOU University Council)
  7. Mr. Kakahan Nasraddin (Director of KOU Central Library)
  8. Dr.-Ing. Rastee Dalshad Ali (Director of Career Development Directorate and UNIDO-KOU EDP Coordinator)
  9. Dr. Peshraw Sammad (Administrative Asst.)
  10. Mr. Peshawa Jammal M. Ali (EDP Trainer)
  11. Dr. Brwa Sardar Ahmed (EDP Trainer)
  12. Dr. Soran Sabah Hussein (EDP Trainer)
  13. Mr. Ladeh Sardar (EDP Trainer)
  14. Mrs. Sheelan Abdulwahid (EDP Panelist)
  15. Asst. Prof. Dr. Bassima Falih (University Lecturer)
  16. Mr. Mohammed Maghdeed (Volunteer)

UNIDO Staff Engaged (Provided by Mayor of Koya City):

  1. Mrs. Jovita Culaton Viray
  2. Dr. Mahmood Khoshnaw
  3. Mr. Seerwan Jameel

EDP Trainees:

1. Mr. Bekr Othman Mohammad

2. Miss Aweza Azad Nassrullah

3. Mr. Zamdar Ahmed Rasool

4. Miss Hawar Dlawar Mirza

5. Mr. Karmend Fatah Hawez

6. Miss Mastan Qadir Khidr

7. Miss Dawa Khadang Muhammed

8. Miss Awin Kamal Omar

9. Mrs. Rezan Saeed Jaafar

10. Miss Bayan Ramazan Yunis

11. Mrs. Dastan Fakhir Lashkary

12. Miss Zheena Mshir Reza

13. Miss Ara Qadir Khidr

14. Miss Hozhan Ismael Mohammed

15. Miss Hazhan Nafeh Baha'adeen

16. Mr. Ako Rajab Qadir

17. Miss Shawin Dlawar Sadraldin

18. Mr. Hardy Hamza Mahmud

19. Mrs. Dania Nawzad Hameed

20. Mrs. Roshna Abdulmajid Rasul

21. Miss Jwan Jaafar Mamand

22. Miss Bnar Abdulrahman Hama Qurban

23. Miss Ghamgin Ismael Azeez

24. Mrs. Dehat Abdulrahman Hama Qurban

25. Miss Revan Aswad Maghdid

26. Mr. Zring Fateh Ali

27. Mrs. Begard Kaifi Osu

28. Mr. Masty Musheer Asaad

29. Mr. Soran Asaad Karim

30. Mr. Halmat Afandi Mamend

31. Miss Alla Azad Mustafa

32. Miss Dunya Ahmed Mohammed

33. Mr. Darawan Razzaq Nader

34. Mrs. Bahra Pishtiwan Ahmad

35. Mr. Diyary Chato Hassan

36. Mr. Ayad Tariq Hama Wazir

37. Miss Chawan Jaafar Mamand

38. Mr. Reband Luqman Hamadamin

39. Mr. Dawan Dler Jamal

40. Mr. Shano Aswed Maghdid

41. Miss Hewar Afendi Memend

42. Mrs. Zouzan Ali Youssef

43. Mr. Rinas Mohammad Khalil

44. Mr. Hardi Abdulkarim Hamad Mustafa

45. Mr. Shakhawan Mohammed Hussein

46. Miss Khanda Aswad Maghdid

47. Mr. Mahmud Ali Abd

48. Mr. Rabee Abas Abd

49. Miss Awen Jamal Mustafa

50. Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Abud

51. Mrs. Zaynab Shalal Abd

52. Miss Gashaw Mawlood Kareem

53. Mrs. Ghayda Khamis Isa

54. Mr. Chia Amir Bekir

55. Mr. Muhamed Sabty Abas

56. Mr. Thaeer Mohammad Ibrahim

57. Mr. Khalil Maaruf Ibrahim

58. Mr. Mohammed Ismael Dawood

59. Mr. Haitham Mahmood alwan

60. Mr. Amr Thyab Hatrush

61. Mrs. Helin Mohammed Kareem

  • Vote of Thanks

- Representative one of the trainees (Refugee/IDPSs): Mr. Haitham Mahmood Alwan

- Representative one of the trainees (Host): Mrs. Rezan Saeed Jaafar

  • Prize to Koya University President from UNIDO
  • Group Photo

Finally, the trainees and the honorable guests gathered to have lunch, meanwhile enjoying an atmosphere of joy and constructive discussions.

Worth mentioning here that KOU likes to reiterate its profound appreciation for the enormous support of Honorable Consul Katsumi Moriyasu, Mr. Takuya Ono, Mrs. Jovita Culaton Viray, Mr. Seerwan Jameel and Dr. Mahmood Khoshnaw, to being actively engaged in the phases of the project implementation. Through implementation of alike projects, KOU is looking forward to foster its mutual relations with the working Japanese entities and United Nations organizations in Iraq.