In the Context of Qudra 2 Programme, Graduation of 20 Female Trainees at Koya University

In Kurdistan Region-Iraq the pressure on higher educational institutions to change is increasing. Mostly in the direction of filling the gap between academia and industry. Hence supplying the market with the skills needed and alleviate the unemployment problem are of substantial significance.

A new scheme of intervention jointly proposed by the Directorate of Career Services (DCS) at Koya University (KOU) and the Employment Promotion section of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) is being put forward in the context of QUDRA 2 Programme. One of the facets that the proposal is concentrating on the introduction of the Entrepreneurship Development Program (EDP) via DCS at KOU inside KRI. This new but vital approach is in action at KOU since May 20th 2020 after signing a contract with GIZ under the title of “Training of Unemployed Young Women on Soap and Sanitizer Production and Entrepreneurship Skills to Fight the COVID-19 Pandemic in Koya”. According to the articles of the contract; DCS has to arrange the recruitment process of the trainees; conduct EDP trainings; conduct technical training on liquid soap and sanitizer production, purchase raw materials and equipment for the trainees and facilitate the mentoring stage of the established cottage industry dedicated to manufacture products which ultimately contributes in the common fight against COVID19 pandemic (Funding: USD44600).

On August 04th 2021, 20 female trainees who successfully participated in 20 days of EDP and detergent-making trainings at Koya University have to show up to receive their certificates of their accomplishments. In an environment of positive reflections, the trainees awarded their certificates as per the following programme:

Finally, the trainees and the honorable guests gathered to have lunch, meanwhile enjoying an atmosphere of joy and constructive discussions.

On behalf of KOU staff and students, we would like to reiterate our profound appreciation for the enormous support of Honorable Mr. H.E Klemens Semtner, German Consul General – Erbil; Excellency Mr. Kamal Muslim, Minister of Trade and Industry-KRG; Ms. Friederike Pommerehne, Mrs. Kurdistan Khudhur, and Mr. Andreas Köhn as Representatives of the GIZ organization; Ms. Reka Pusztai and Mrs. Sarah Salehi, as Representatives of the HIA Organization; to being actively engaged in the phases of the project implementation. Through implementation of alike projects, KOU is looking forward to foster its mutual relations with the working EU INGOs and other organizations in Iraq.

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