Directorate of Career Services

The staff of the Directorate of Career Services is dedicated to providing high-quality services to all of our constituents. Whether you are a current student, new graduate, alumni, or employer—we are here to assist in your success!

The primary objective of our Directorate is to provide services and resources which assist students and graduates with career planning and the search for employment. This includes a comprehensive range of services from career counseling and major choice assistance; to assistance with finding part-time employment and internships; to extensive job search support and guidance.

The Directorate of Career Services:

1. Provides ongoing support for student career development in conjunction with faculty and other constituents of the university, including support for faculty and curricula on career planning, development, and research in the entry process and throughout the degree.

2. Develops students’ self-knowledge related to career choice and work performance by identifying, assessing, and understanding their competencies, interests, values, and personal characteristics.

3. Obtains educational and occupational information for students to aid their career and educational planning and to develop their understanding of the world of work.

4. Assists students in selecting personally suitable academic programs and experiential opportunities that optimize future educational and employment options.

5. Counsels students to take responsibility for developing career decisions, graduate/professional school plans, employment plans, and job-search competencies.

6. Prepares students to find employment in their field of study by developing job-search skills,effective candidate presentation skills, and the understanding of the fit between their competencies and both occupational and job requirements.

7. Encourages students to gain experience through student activities, community service, student employment, research projects, cooperative education, internships, and other opportunities.

8. Assists students in exploring a full range of career and work possibilities that match their career goals and workplace/community fit.

9. Obtains and provides students information on employment opportunities and prospective employers and industries.

10. Connects students with employers through campus interviews, job listings, referrals, direct application, networking, job-search events, publications, and information technology.

11. Provides notification and support to students and graduates regarding full and part-time employment information and jobs, including maintenance of employment board.

12. Facilitates opportunities for students to link with alumni, employers, professional organizations,and others who will provide opportunities to develop professional interests and competencies, integrate academic learning with work, and explore future career possibilities.

13. Maintains public relations and markets placement services in the community, the region, and the system.

14. Provides career advising to undergraduate students and graduates through scheduled appointments and drop-ins with individuals, online/distance resources, group programs, career planning courses, outreach opportunities, special events, information technology, and other available resources in careers, motivational, and other routine issues including referring students to appropriate agencies, if necessary.

15. Conducts market research, establishing employer contacts with various business, industry, and governmental organizations, including becoming an active member of the consortium.

16. Provides information on programs and services through institutional print and electronic media, publications, presentations, outreach, and orientation programs.

17. Participates with other educational institutions organizing career fairs.

18. Promotes employer visitation and on-campus recruiting efforts and plans and organize on-site employer visits.

19. Reviews third-party reports and takes actions to improve career placement.

20. Gathers and updates graduate information for the development of an automated alumni system for tracking, record keeping, and placement purposes.

21. Fosters ongoing relationships with alumni through semi-annual activities.

22. Collaborates with the KRG Office for Employment to maintain and advance an alumni networking process through alumni contacts.

23. Assists students with cover letter and resume preparation.

24. Trains faculty and others to assist students in career planning, career development, interviews,resume preparation, and mock interviews.

25. Aid students in using technology to enhance the career development process.

26. Provides a platform to demonstrate the “how to” of finding a job in diverse settings.

27. Assists in developing and ensuring compliance with a policy and procedures manual for the career services and placement.

28. Contacts employers for potential job lead opportunities.

29. Seeks information continually on employment trends and other pertinent job market information.

30. Works cooperatively with other career services in Kurdistan.

31. Communicates with new students in orientation and entry courses.

32. Maximizes online resources, social media, and other connections for career support to students.

33. Maintains relevant, high-quality information resources on careers.

34. Prepare students to manage their careers after graduation.

35. Performs other duties as assigned by the supervisor.

Director: Dr.-Ing. Rastee D. Ali