Working National NGOs in Iraq

Updated on January 23rd, 2019.

Access Aid Foundation (AAF)

Afkar Society for Development and Relief

Al-Ansar Charity Foundation (ACF)

Al-Eslah Association for Social Development (EASDAP)

Al-Nahrain Foundation for Relief & Development

Al-Rakeezeh Foundation for Relief and Development (RRD)

Al-Zuhoor Women Organization

Alind Organization

Amtna Foundation for Educate & Overcome Difficulties for Needy Families

Aynda Center for Research Organization

Buthoor Al-Khair

Developmentals Organization for Developments and Relief

Dijlat Al-Khair Humanitarian Organization

Fekrah Organization for Relief & Development (FORD)

Hannah Organization for Relief

Hela Center for Development, Training, and Consultation

Humanitarian Charity Organization

Iraqi Association for Human Right in Basra

Iraqi Center of Negotiation Skills and Conflict Management (IQCM)

Iraqi Organization for Women and Future

Justice Center

Kurdistan Human Rights Watch (KHRW)

Kurdistan Relief Association (KRA)

Legal Clinic Network

Lualuat Alrahman Humanitarian Organization

Mamoura Humanitarian Establishment

National Institute of Human Rights (NIHR)

Peace and Freedom Organization in Kurdistan (PFOK)

Public Aid Organization (PAO)

Representative of Ninewah Voluntary for Displacement Organization (RNVDO)

Rwanga Foundation

Sabe’a Sanabul Organization for Relief & Development (SSORD)

Sahara Economic Development Organization (SEDO)

Shams Alrafidain Charity Organization

Social, Educational and Economic Development Foundation (SEED Foundation)

Sorouh for Sustainable Development Foundation (SSDF)

South Youth Organization (SYO)

The Critical Needs Support Foundation (CNSF)

Training and Development Widows Center (WTDC)

United Foundation for Relief and Sustainable Development (FUAD)

Voice of Iraq Humanitarian Organization

Warvin Foundation for Women's Issues

Woman for Supporting Woman Association (WSW)

Yazda Al Iraq Organization